The Ultimate Guide To Swedish Girls and Women

Swedish girls are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to Scandinavian beauty. And as connoisseurs of this particular kind of beauty, we thought it was high time we shared that knowledge.

Whether you ended up on this article because you are currently dating or wanting to date Swedish girls, I bet you can still learn something new. Or at least enjoy the photos of pretty girls.

Either way, let’s jump straight in.

Swedish Girls And Beauty

This one we should separate into:

a) Natural beauty
b) Maintenance

There is a huge difference between the two.

Swedish women have been blessed with wonderful genes. They are what happens when vicious Vikings have a great taste in women for centuries upon centuries. Basically, if it were just up to genes alone, Swedes would be this nation of superhumans.

Then again, it is never just up to genes.

And Swedish women are notorious for their disregard for basic look good rules. Don’t eat like a pig, maintain bodily hygiene, move around every once in a while. The cuisine is not helping either.

Traditional Swedish food is hearty and rich in all things unhealthy. Sugar, saturated fats, and a lot of alcohol.

Well, technically the last one is not food – but you get the drill.

swedish women

Obesity In Sweden

The biggest threat to the attractiveness of Swedish girls (and guys, too, for that matter) is obesity.

The rates of overweight and obesity have been changing in Sweden and are becoming a serious health concern. The country is still in the lower to middle range of obesity when compared to other places in Europe – or heaven forbid, America.

They have pretty decent health education with a lot of emphasis on healthy eating and exercise. Still, in the last couple of years being overweight has been getting more and more normalized.

Just two disclaimers here.

Obesity is actually classified as a disease, but that’s no excuse for most people. I am not saying that; a bunch of super smart doctors at the World health organization are. With any disease, there is always the stigma.

The stigma against fat people has not been doing a lot in terms of prevention. In other words, you can’t shame someone into changing their habits – though sometimes it’s very effective. In any case, Swedish media has been shifting their perspective to that direction.

But then again, body positivity is a double-edged sword. It’s one thing to love yourself while actively improving your habits and yet completely another to be absurdly proud of an unhealthy body.

Whether the shift to body positivity has brought about the obesity problem, or it’s a consequence, the fact is that:

Many Swedish girls are getting heavier.

Not because they have an underlying health issue but because they don’t bother with maintenance. Which brings me to my next point:

Androgynous Fashion, Bald Heads And Other Swedish Wonders

Let me enlighten you on a staple of Scandinavian fashion. Timberland shoes. Yes, they are not the most attractive shoe on a girl, especially if you are used to Eastern European gals with their 6-inch heels and almost-magical ability to not break their ankles even when they walk on ice.

But Swedish girls don’t roll the girly way.

Winter is seriously cold here, so don’t expect them to show more regard for impressing you than they do for not getting hypothermia. It is all about warmth and comfort.

Still, it’s not as bad as Scandinavian street style blogs make it out to be.

People there are selected for their fun and quirky style choices, not because they are representative of Swedish women as a whole.

Yes, they are not as bothered with looks as their other Western counterparts (and there is zero ground for comparison with Eastern European women).

There are some who shave their heads – either that side shave that was popular a couple of years ago, or at the bottom part. Some shave it all off. You can say they don’t take maintenance too seriously.

It is pretty much the ex-beauty queen attitude. They believe they are naturally pretty and don’t try to look their best (even if the whole natural beauty thing is no longer working for them). But there is an up side to this:

A Swedish Woman Doesn’t Care About Fancy

A common complaint I hear from guys dating abroad is:

She just wants too much!

I don’t have a particularly high opinion of these men. If you are going to date some of the world’s most beautiful women, you have to put out a bit. And many of these guys are complaining about have to buy a couple of $4 cocktails.

But with Swedish girls, that is not even necessary.

First off, Sweden is a very well-developed and wealthy country. People are almost apologetic for the high living standard. There is hardly any difference in the quality of life of rich and ‘poor’. The show-off culture (which, curiously enough, is most prominent in the least wealthy countries) is practically non-existent in Sweden.

Secondly, Swedish women take a much more relaxed and ’empowered’ (well, can you maybe pick a word that means empowered but is not actually empowered… I hate that word) approach to life, the dating aspect included.

They are more than happy to do casual dates and to split the check even at fancier establishments. In fact, splitting the tab is the name of the game in Sweden. And if it was her who asked you out (happens more often than you think), it is her treat.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should not offer to pay, it just means your proposition will be declined.

swedish girls

How To Game Swedish Girls

This is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Well, rest assured, all of these techniques will work (or at least will not get you humiliated as some other pick up strategies will).

Day Game

Day game is tricky when it’s stupidly cold outside.

People don’t just stroll around the streets of their city. It is out of the house, into the car or public transport, into the office. Scandinavians are notorious for their hygge culture, though (well, that is not exactly Swedish but Swedes do it quite well, too).

They are all about creating comfort and adding cosiness into their life. Warm cafés, tiny, intimate bars, restaurants with twinkle lights – that is where you spend your free time.

Approaching a girl at a coffee shop is about as normal (borderline trivial) as it gets. People hang out at cafés by themselves all the time.

Just walk over there and introduce yourself. Swedish girls are all about that casual way of meeting people.

Night Life

All around the world girls travel in packs. Sweden is no different, no matter how progressive they claim to be.

In many ways, they are actually more closed than their more ‘conservative’ counterparts elsewhere. Your way into the group can be either:

  • Ballsy (but with a higher risk of rejection)
  • Safe (effective but less chance of that instant chemistry)

The ballsy way to do it is to walk over to her group of friends and go ‘Hi, I have the weirdest feeling I know you already’ or something along those lines. It works best if you two have been eyeing each other across the room.

Not so much if you are all alone in the bar, going over to different groups of girls, dancing weirdly, drinking too much, and all those other things that brand you as “that guy”.

A safer option would be to befriend her friends.

Not the girls, the guys.

Women in Sweden tend to drang a couple of guy friends to the club with them. Girls night out almost always involves one of those ‘guardians’. Strike up a conversation with one of those dudes.

First, you will feel much more comfortable (because there is no pressure to impress him) and second, I am sure you can relate better to guys.

In the worst case scenario the object of your affections won’t notice you but you would have made a new friend who might have other Swedish girls he might be willing to introduce you to.

Online Dating Options

Tinder is still the king of online dating almost everywhere in the world. In Sweden, it is quite popular but gets the hookup app reputation, too.

Also, you will notice a lot more foreigners use Tinder, while locals sometimes brush off the option as ‘being too desperate’.

Tinder is fun for meeting locals while you are in Sweden. You might get new travel buddies, you might get a Swedish girlfriend, you never know. Either way, if you are looking for something more serious and long-term Tinder will not cut it.

Ideally, you want to start meeting singles online a couple of months before your trip. This way when you get there you have women who you are actually excited about meeting.

There are plenty of great, reasonably priced niche dating sites out there, such as International Cupid.

Just make sure you do your research before giving them your hard-earned cash.

Whether you are going to Sweden for a couple of days and looking for a hookup, or more, I hope this article has helped a little bit. As usual, I am waiting for your field reports in the comments down below.

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