The 10 Best Guest-Friendly Hotels in Helsinki

Picking hotels in Helsinki is a bit tricky. How do you balance good location, the amenities you want, and not breaking the budget?

It is confusing at first, hence this article. We are bringing you our favorite hotels in Helsinki. Take your pick!

Budget Accommodation In Helsinki

A trip to Scandinavia will easily make you broke if you don’t watch your expenses.

Not everyone likes couch surfing but budget hotels are not a myth, the good ones are a just a bit hard to find. The cool thing about going to a country so developed, though, is that pretty much everything is nice.

You could get the cheapest option and still be sure that the place will be nice, safe, and clean. Your main concern for budget hotels in Helsinki should be the location and the price. Once you find a couple of hotels that are decently located, just pick the cheaper.

Hotel Finn

This low-cost accommodation gives you a tiny room – but it’s very centrally located.

You are a five-minute walk away from the central station and in an area with a bunch of cool bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Less than 10 minutes away you have the harbor and Helsinki’s main square where a bunch of fun events take place year-round.

All of the rooms are recently renovated and there is even artwork by local artists in them. The Wi-Fi is free and high speed. There are flat-screen TVs and cable in all of the rooms.

The downside to the Finn hotel is that the elevator is ancient. Yes, that is it. It works just fine but people complain it looks old.

I don’t know about you, but at that price, with the awesome location, free Wi-Fi, great breakfast, and clean rooms…the elevator kind of seems like a minor detail.

Kongressikoti Hotel

The Kongressikoti hotel has pretty much the perfect location. It is less than 2 minutes away from the Helsinki Cathedral, right in the heart of the city. The central railway station and the harbour are also close by.

This Helsinki hotel has been thought out with frugality in mind. It is a cheapskate traveller’s heaven. Not only are the rooms very affordably priced and the Wi-Fi free, you also get free cookies and warm drinks in the morning.

It is not a full breakfast but it does feed you pretty well. You can also wash your clothes for free and use the communal stove, microwave, and coffee machine at all times.

Food will be one of your major expenses during your trip to Scandinavia so that is a great money-saving opportunity.

Hotel Sofia

This one is not in the centre but I bet you will like the location anyway. The Sofia Hotel is by the Baltic sea and you get a sea view from all the rooms. The region of the city is called Vuosaari.

It is around 15-20 minutes away from the city centre by car. You also have two metro stations close by so you can use that to move around. The public transport in Helsinki is quite awesome.

Guests of the Hotel Sofia get to use the swimming pool and sauna free of charge, which is a major perk in my opinion. They also have a sauna right on the beach that you can book (but you will be charged for this one).

The restaurant gives you a gorgeous view of the shore and they serve some great traditional Finnish food. Finally, the hotel is tucked into a forest and the whole area is very calm.

It is the perfect place to stay if you are going with kids and looking for a relaxed, stress-free holiday.

Mid-Range Hotels In Helsinki

For the mid-range hotels, your expectations should go up a notch. We are expecting better amenities, more spacious rooms, and good breakfast. Here are some hotels in Helsinki that give you just that (but still do not break the bank).

Hotel Anna

The Anna Hotel is your perfect starting point to explore Helsinki. They even do a sightseeing tour of their own to show you around the city.

The Anna Hotel does focus on comfort and making you feel at home, too. They have free Wi-Fi throughout the property, they clean your room daily, and the rooms are designed with comfort and cosiness in mind.

There is a sauna you can use at all times and a family room for the kids. The breakfast included is rich and yummy. The hotel staff are super friendly (and they all speak perfect English).

Hotel Arthur

A couple of minutes away from Helsinki’s central railway station, the Arthur Hotel is the nicer version of our first budget pick (the Finn). It is central and affordable but offers a bit more in terms of amenities.

The rooms and common spaces are gorgeously decorated. Grab a bite at the restaurant to feel like actual royalty – chandeliers, thick drapes, and delicious food included.

They provide a lot of variety in their breakfast options, too. The buffet features Scandinavian classics along with your favourite European and/or American foods. There are options for people with dietary restrictions, too.

Glo Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel by the airport, the Glo is your perfect choice.

It is a ‘hop off the plane and into your bed’ kind of place, great after a long journey (or if you have an early departure).

The bar is open until late, if you fancy a drink, and they serve breakfast at a nearby cosy café. They have a gym available to guests for you to catch up on those workouts.

The Glo hotel is a nice option as a departure hotel or even as a place to stay for the entire duration of your trip.

Omena Hotel Helsinki City Centre

The name says it all. Location, location, location. The Forum shopping centre is right across the street. Famous sights and cool restaurant and bar areas are a five-minute walk away, too. The Omena Hotel is one of the more innovative hotels in Helsinki, too.

They have a convenient keyless entry system in all of their rooms so you don’t have to worry about locking yourself out of the room.

The Omena Hotel does have the tiny downside that there is not a lot of (if any) staff. It is pretty much a DIY hotel. That is convenient if you hate talking to people. Not quite as convenient if you want to ask the staff for tips and recommendations.

High-End Hotels In Helsinki

Nicer things come at a price and in Helsinki that price might be quite high. If money is no issue, though, there are a couple of awesome options that are definitely worth the splurge.

Hotel Rivoli Jardin

This stylish hotel is tucked away into a calm but very central neighbourhood. The benefit of booking a boutique hotel like that is it will become your home away from home.

They have a wonderful breakfast selection, the staff will know you by name, and everything will feel more personal and homey.

I know I always say ‘ask hotel staff’ but in this case, you really, really should.

Unlike some hotels where they recommend the priciest restaurants and the most extravagant clubs, the people at Next Hotel Rivoli Jardin will give you honest and friendly tips. It is pretty much like having a bunch of local friends take care of you.

Hotel Helka

Perfectly located and created to help you relax after a long day of sightseeing, the Hotel Helka really has it all.

It is not the fanciest hotel (bear in mind I did not include the Radisson Blu or the Hilton for a reason), in fact, it hits the sweet spot between unnecessary luxe and perfect comfort just right.

They have a SPA and wellness centre on site, including a spacious gym with state of art equipment. The location, the amenities, the beautiful room design, there is truly nothing to complain about with the Hotel Helka.

Hotel Haven

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury experience at the Hotel Haven.

Their gorgeous spaces, impeccable staff, and perfect location make them one of the best hotels in Helsinki. They offer a variety of services and amenities for your comfort.

That includes employees who speak your language – over 8 different languages overall, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic (plus the Nordic languages of the region).

The staff is always happy to help you. The breakfast buffet has been universally praised (one traveler called it the best he has ever had).

Finally, rooms have stunning views of the Helsinki skyline. Ordering room service and staying in suddenly seems like a much better idea than before!

Hotels In Helsinki: The Bottomline

Picking a hotel is never easy. Booking sites bombard you with options and even this article is pretty long.

My advice is: don’t go overboard. Figure out what you actually need and can afford and go for that.

What are your personal tips for making the process more fuss-free?

Arlen Tanner

Arlen is your regular geek-turned-blogger who left the traditional 9 to 5 in the US behind for location independent lifestyle and constant travel. After exploring Eastern Europe first (mainly Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia), he settled in the much colder but even more beautiful Scandinavia area since 2016. And he's now here to share with you all the good things about living in the magical 5.

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